Having the DLR Creativity in the Classroom Programme in our school has been hugely beneficial to our entire school; pupils, staff and parents. The classroom sessions with the children have been exceptional, going far beyond what is typically achieved during regular instruction teacher led art lessons. The entire process is very much pupil led and the children have the support and know-how of a professional to guide them on their creative journey. Regardless of class level or ability the children thoroughly enjoy their time with Claire. Involving parents as part of the CIC sessions has added to the success of the sessions; it is a part of the process that both the children and the parents very much enjoy and look forward to.

Our CIC artist facilitated CPD sessions with the whole school staff which have influenced positively the teaching of art in the school. In designing the CPD sessions Claire was able to take on board our suggestions, integrate the focus of the CPD into other curriculum areas and add a bit of fun and enjoyment to the sessions which form part of our Croke Park Hours.

Daniel Kirwan, Principal, Holy Family N.S, Monkstown

Participating School 2010-2016


Writers such as Ken Robinson suggest that creativity is becoming as important as literacy. The question is, how do we develop this in our young people? Creativity is best developed in a space where it is safe to experiment, to look at things from a new perspective, to discard some rules but create ones. The DLR Creativity in the Classroom Programme brings together teachers, artists and other professionals who share a passion for bringing out creativity in our children. However, not every vibrant and lively environment is one that supports and develops creativity. Children in this project have freedom to experiment, question and make mistakes, but are also supported to reflect and learn from their activities. What I enjoy most when visiting their classes is the palpable air of active and collaborative learning taking place.

In spite of our best intentions, different parts of our children’s education has become compartmentalised. However art in education is not something which can be addressed once literacy and numeracy have been accomplished. Rather it should form an integral part of learning. If education involves the drawing out of the full potential of each person, then it must be holistic in nature.

Pat Seaver, Director, Blackrock Education Centre


DLRCIC Participating Schools 2015/2016

Teachers on Classroom Sessions

Lots of discussion and children allowed to use their imagination. Children got on well with the artist and enjoyed the activities, especially enjoyed the trip to the dlr LexIcon Gallery.

The artist brings expertise to the class and shares ideas, techniques and inspiration that develops the artistic expression of the children and teacher.

They are a challenging group and the artist actively sought to find ways to ensure the best experience for them – through conferences with me and ongoing shifts in methodology. The class had the utmost repsect for her as she explained her process to them almost as adults.

Children are the key part of the development of the process.

Teachers on CPD Sessions

What did you find helpful from the CPD Training?

Ideas – trying out ideas first as an adult, before presenting them to the children.

An insight into the art world. An understanding of how an artist works.

A  greater appreciation for art in both the basic and complex forms.

Practical ideas for art lesson, confidence in tackling new skills.

Lots of time for questions and sharing ideas. Practical session are excellent.

There was a good focus on integrating art lesson into other curriculum strands.


DLRCIC Participating Schools 2013/2014

The openness of the programme and the artist to explore with the children and teacher was excellent and beneficial.

As an external facilitator the artist has no preconceived idea of the children’s potential. This can lead to great engagement and achievement. It gave me a better idea of how to encourage the children to respond to artworks of all types and to have confidence in their creations.


DLR C.I.C Participating Schools 2012/2013

The artist brought new exciting ideas to the class and teacher.

Creativity in the Classroom has given me a variety of new ideas and techniques to use when teaching.
The artist was approachable, adaptable and well prepared at all times, she had a great rapport with the children who loved the session due to her enthusiasm and patience.
The artist brings expertise to the class and shares ideas and techniques and inspiration that develops the artistic expression of the children and teacher.

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