Senior Infants – Holy Family N.S – Week 6+7 – Imaginary Worlds in A Box

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For the last two weeks Senior Infants have been working on developing imaginary worlds in a box. We began by closing our eyes and imagining going to another world….in our imagination. Where is this world? What’s in it? Is it far away? Is it in the past? Is it in the future? Where could it be?

Last week we worked on the background, discussing what colours we would use and how we would mix them. There was a huge double rainbow that morning and we had all seen it on the way to school so this was a great way of talking about colour mixing. A really busy morning of assembling the boxes in pair and working on painting the backgrounds.

So then this week looking into our boxes we created windows or portals from the outside to the inside of the box. This was a way of letting light in but also by using coloured cellophane we could change the colour of the light – beautiful colours. We then talked about what details we could add to the backgrounds – buildings, people, dinosaurs, trees.

Another really busy morning as Senior Infants painted away and mixed a great range of colours and shades!


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Dalkey School Project/Forest Friday

Session 9
This was our last session with Fourth and Sixth Class today.
The children choose their favourite games and where to have their break.IMG_4322 copy

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IMG_4338 copy

fourth class

IMG_4456 copy

Sixth Class


Observing Minutiae.
There was a very positive feedback from our day of wandering during session six so today we decided to wander again. This time we chose three different environments; a pine wood, a deciduous wood,and a  rocky place. In each area they looked at the minutiae.

Moving leaves, rocks( carefully and replacing) looking under things they found the tiny details in nature.  Magnifying glasses were used as view finders. These findings were documented through photographs.

All the photos will now be made  into one slideshow to be shown by the teacher to the whole class. The children will respond to the photos remembering where they found the detail and what is fascinating about it and asked is it a fungus, a plant, a lichen, or an insect?

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Dalkey School Project/ Forest Friday

Session 8

Parents Day and Halloween

The children were the leaders for this session on the 27th October. There were a few developments from their plans they made the week before but in general they stuck to them.

Children led their parents to base camp pointing out things on the way.


They taught their parents to play, Bat and Moth and Eagle Eye.

Then brought their parents around the base camp and told them about things they had made during the past 7 weeks, and pointing outtheir special places.

Before break they showed our wonderful washing facilities. IMG_2505

Each child took their parent aside and told Apple Star Story.

The children choose their favourite place up on the rocks with great views to have break. All the parents tasted our Elderberry Tea and there was a great exchange of recipes for the different teas we had made and tasted.


Back at the base camp the children explained  to the parents their plans to make a  Halloween environment. These are the ideas from their planning the week before-

Bonfire, and sparklers.

Obstacles course – jump the bonfire.

Tree Spirits – clay.

Cobwebs – string and sticks

Spiders – pipe cleaners

Headdress – natural materials – wire

Hanging Apples


Ghosts – paper and charcoal.

Off they went and worked in their pairs.






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Senior Infants – Holy Family N.S – Week 5 – Big Worlds and Small Worlds!

Great excitement today as it was the Halloween Disco so all the Senior Infants were dressed up in super costumes!

Following on from the last few weeks where we were looking at big and small – we divided into two teams – our giant team and our tiny team. We worked on vinyl using pens and pencils and together created on one roll a world of tiny things and on the other a world of huge things. Both teams worked well together and quickly had the rolls covered in drawings. We added colour using oil pastels and crayons and created lovely rainbow worlds. Then using print outs of the images from last week everyone cut out their photo of themselves. The plan was that the children would find a space in their drawing and collage in themselves so they interacted with what was in the drawing. Interestingly only one child put his figures of himself interacting with his drawing. And more interesting everyone just wanted to stick their photos on top of the drawing they had done and in no particular order!

After break we had a look at the mini films I had made using the photos from last week which when played in fast sequence look like the figure is moving. So with everyone dressed up as a character or a super hero I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some more photos of action poses. Hope to use these as a projection on to our next part of the project.

Images to follow! With all the excitement I did not get chance to get photos of the finished collage drawings!

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5th/ 6th Class – Holy Family, N.S – Week 4 – Paper Constructions – Cubes

Following on from our pop up constructions at the gallery last week I wanted to follow up with some basic construction techniques – cutting, scoring, folding, tabbing, glueing to create basic forms. So moving between 2D and 3D – from the perspective drawings of two weeks ago to creating forms from drawings.

We had a shorter session today as the annual school mass was on so it meant we only had time to work from a cube template. Firstly we transferred the template using carbon paper – carefully following the lines and checking which line s were cut and which were folded. Then cutting out and scoring along the lines using the scissors to the folds would be a sharper angle and create a perfect cube form.  The class decided whether they wanted to close the cube to create solid form or leave open as a box with an inside and an outside containing space.


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Senior Infants – Holy Family – Week 4 – Huge and Ginormous (?!)

Following on from our explorations of micro and macro this week we began by coming up with works for big….so far we have

big, bigger, huge, long, tall, wide, jumbo, enormous, ginormous and GIANT

So we then imagined ourselves getting smaller and shrinking to the size of the tiny pips we had drawn two weeks ago. Now in our tiny selves the world around us was huge to into our school bags we went and began to imagine all the things in our school bag as towering over us, so big we had to climb over them or slide down them or even go for a little swim and a splash in our water bottles!

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With all this in mind we began drawing the contents of our school bags and also used the magnifying glass to explore the textures, patterns and details of our pencil cases, pencils, drinks bottles. When it came to colouring the drawings we looked carefully and tried to match the colour exactly and mix colours by colouring with two or three pencils on top of each other.

After break we set up a small photographic studio and struck some poses – action shots and posed shots. We are going to use these images as projections with our own drawings in the coming weeks. Some experimental artworks ahead!


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Dalkey School Project/Forest Friday

Session 7

This week we had to inspect the trees for loose branches on our way up to base camp after hurricane Ophelia on Monday. The children noticed lots more small branches and twigs on the ground and some fallen trees.

We spent this session preparing for our parents session next week which will have a halloween theme. During the week in school they looked at a slide show of work they made in the forest two years ago to inspire them with ideas today.

The children practiced story telling. They recapped from memory the story they were told during session 4 – The Apple Star Story and between them built up the full story. They will each be able to tell their parent this story next week.


The group chose ‘Moth and Bat’ game to play with parents. They tried it out with different sounds and three and four moths.IMG_2297 copy

The parents are going to have a great session next week as the children have planned exciting Halloween ideas. The had some basic materials to try out their ideas; clay, string, paper, charcoal and wire.

Below – Making Sparklers.

Below – Making a Bonfire and a game they have called- Jump the Bonfire.

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Below – Making costumes with nature.

Below – Scary Tree Masks

Below Spiders and Webs

Below – Ghosts

Below – Bodies rising from the earth.

IMG_2318 copySixth class enjoyed rock climbing so much last week that we had our lunch up at the rocks and they had some free play time to explore or sit.




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