What is DLR Creativity in the Classroom?

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Creativity in the Classroom (DLRCIC) uses the model of practice and ethos of Creativity in the Classroom which was set up 20 years ago with a cluster of 6 schools in Dublin’s south inner city. This project uses visual art as a means of helping children develop their sense of self and provides them with time to explore their creative energy, time to experience the process of what it is to be. This allows for the multitude of emotional responses that will unfold, both positive and negative. More importantly it gives freedom for these responses and provides a safe environment for them to be dealt with.

DLR Creativity in the Classroom Programme 2010-19

DLRCIC has now been adopted in three schools in the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown area for the last five years and is considered to be sustainable within these schools.  Once initiated, a school is teamed up with one of our artists who have many years of experience working as facilitators in classrooms and in the community, across all ages and across a wide range of social contexts. The artist works with four classes in total throughout the school year, facilitating nine workshops with each class.  Exhibition visits are included and parents/grandparents/ guardians are invited to participate in a hands-on workshop with their child. The artist also facilitates Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with the whole teaching staff during Croke Park Hours supported by Blackrock Education Centre.

Funding DLR Creativity in the Classroom 2010-2019

In 2010 DLR Creativity in the Classroom first received a grant from Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council under their Participation and Learning Grants to bring this programme to a cluster of schools in the county and also was the recipient of An Cathaoirleach’s Arts Award in 2011 for a project of outstanding merit. DLR Creativity in the Classroom has successfully received grants from DLR CoCo each year to date. Blackrock Education Centre has also recognised DLRCIC as an innovative approach and new model of practice for Continuing Professional Development in the county and nationally and has committed to continuing grant aid and support for the programme for 2015-16. Funding for the programme is from the above two grants and the main contribution from each participating school. DLRCIC endeavours to maintain low costs for the schools it is working alongside by applying for grants and seeking additional funding from other sources.  See table below:

Costs per School Contribution per school
DLR Creativity in the Classroom 5000 DLR Participation and Learning Grant 1000
Blackrock Education Centre 500
Participating School Contribution 3500
Total 5000 5000

The current participating schools are: Holy Family N.S, Monkstown and Dalkey School Project N.S, Glenageary.

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