Forest Friday/Dalkey School Project N.S.

Session 7

Senior Infants

Morning activities while gathering

Creative Boxes on Mats

The children seemed less interested in the box that contained sea stones, slate and white chalk so over the last two sessions I added coloured chalk, water and feathers. They are much more stimulated by the contents now. I listened in. A child was painting using a feather with water on a slate. ” Oh look, it’s like ink!”

Another children painted on a pale grey stone. ” Mine isn’t like ink, look.”

Another child combined water and white chalk. ” This is Maryrose out in the rain.”

This week the idea was to plan for next week when we will be inviting parents up to share the session and experience Forest Friday for themselves.

How will we guide them up to base camp?

What will we show them?

What game will we play?

What story will we tell?

What wild tea will we make?

We played a new game – Bat and Moth

We took a trail through the meadow grass on the way to our base camp. There were lots of new plants and bugs to discover after our two week break.

We picked the red clover stamen and tasted the nectar. We found lots of cuckoo spit in the thistles and bramble.

As we walked up to base camp senior infants stopped because we could hear a lot of bird sounds. They decided that it was the third voice from of five voices of birds – “Keep away.” We looked up and they pointed at two blackbirds using the third voice to a magpie. “No,” someone said, “look it’s a hooded crow.”

I noticed how much knowledge they have built up, and interest in what is happening around them.

IMG_7311 copy

A blackbird using his alarm call.


The weather was sunny and still. I suggested we have our break at the very top of the hill. This was a long climb but the children were excited to explore up higher from our base camp. The environment was different at the top there was more light and therefore new plants and new bugs to discover.

Wild Tea

There was enough gorse flowers left to make wild gorse tea. While foraging for gorse flowers they found a lot of ladybirds and flies.

We made our tea and had our break. It was lovely to spend time in a new environment. There was more light. We could see further.


How the dragonfly came to be (Bulgarian folktale)

God had been very busy. She had been making all kinds of creatures for days. She thought it was time that she sat back in her chair in her workshop and had a bit of a rest because her materials were beginning to run out and she was beginning to run out of creativity. Poor thing. So there she was, sitting back, dozing off (sound effects) when …

Ribbit, flop, ribbit, flop, … into her workshop came a frog.

“Uh, God, hello, uh, you’ve given me these really weird eyes. Whenever I look out of them, I see hundreds of things. I’m never sure if I’m looking at one thing or what’s going on. It makes catching dinner very tricky. Is there any chance you could replace them with something that I could just see one thing out of?”

God woke up and looked down and saw that yes indeed the frog had very odd looking eyes.

“Well, yes, you see, I’ve only got one pair of eyes left and they’re still a bit damp. I haven’t quite finished them. You can have those. Is that alright?”

“Oh yes. Anything will do. Thanks God.”

So God reached forward and she pulled out the eyes that were there and popped them on her workbench. And he got the ones that weren’t quite ready yet and popped them into the frog’s eyes.

The frog wiped his eyes a little bit as they were a bit damp. And when he opened them he saw clearly for the first time.

“Thank you so much God. I’m off to get some dinner as I haven’t been able to catch anything.”

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.

God was very happy because she had a satisfied customer and dozed off in her armchair when…

Bzzzz, spluh, bzzzz, spluhh….

Closer and closer came a very small, fairy like insect with very large wings. Closer and closer towards the workshop, into the door frame and in onto the workbench came this creature. God opened her eyes and saw a bumble bee with very large wings.

“God, god, em, these wings are terrible. I can’t fly with them. Is there any chance you could take them off and put some smaller ones on because I just can’t control them. “

God looked at the wings and said, “Ah, yes, they do look a little bit big. Um, yes I do have some very small ones. I’m not sure that they’ll be quite big enough but we can try.”

“Oh anything will do. It’s gotta be better than these ones.”

God reached forward and slowly took the four wings out of the bee and there they were. He put them back on the bench and reached into the drawer where there were four little wings and popped them onto the bee.

“Oh, that’s much better. Thank you so much. Thanks God. Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzz.”

God was very happy and could hear the happy birds singing outside as well and she thought I do love some of these sounds and she drifted off listening…(snoring). And just then …. Stumble, stumble, trip, stumble, stumble, trip …..

“Oh God. God. Are you awake? Oh bother.”

Closer and closer came a little ball of a body with loads of legs sticking out of it.

“God, wake up. You’ve asked me to go and make webs but I can’t make anything. I’ve got way too many legs. They keep on getting into a tangle. Can you take some of them off?”

God looked down at the floor and climbing up the side of the workbench was a spider and it had loads of legs.

“Oh, sorry”, said God, “em, I can take a few off if you have too many.”

“Oh yes. Definitely. I think I’ve got 14 but I’m not sure. Perhaps, take off 6. That leaves me with 8. I might be able to manage with them.”

God reached down and carefully plucked off 6 legs and put them carefully on the workbench.

“Oh that’s fantastic. Thanks God. I’ll have much more success now.”

And off went spider happy and co-ordinated.

So God leaned back in her armchair and looked out into the world and thought there were so many beautiful things out there and fell back asleep. (snoring) And she was just drifting off when a complainy, whingy voice got closer and closer….

“God, God. It’s just not fair. Everyone keeps on picking on me. Can you give me a different coloured tail. I’ve got this bright blue tail and all the birds keep on coming down and pecking at it and poking at it and I don’t feel good about myself at all. Sometimes the tail just drops off and it just wriggles there and I think oh what’s happening and another grows back but it’s the same colour. Is there any chance you could give me a different colour tail and the birds won’t pick on me?”

God opened her eyes and said, “you poor thing lizard. Yes, I’m sure I’ve got one here. I’ve got a brown one. It’s not very brightly coloured but how about that?”

“Oh that’d be great.”

So God reached forward and plucked out the lizard’s long blue tail and plopped it on the work bench and gave lizard a long brown one and fixed it in and made sure it waggled properly.

Lizard looked around and said, “oh that’s much better. Stripy and brown. Thank you so much.” And off he went into the distance.

God looked around and saw the piles of things on her workbench and thought there was enough there to make another creature. She dug in and picked up the two big googly eyes and stuck them into the ground (cones?) and then added the legs (sticks?) 1,2,3,4,5,6. And then there was the tail. And finally the wings.

And God thought, that looks pretty good and breathed magic breath into it. And there was a dragon fly and off it went out to hunt on the ponds and around the lakes.

IMG_7319 copy

They brought their bugs back to base camp and decided to make bug hotels for them.

The bugs were released into their luxurious hotels, which had stairs, boats, beds.

They chose a sit spot that they would like to bring their parent to next week.

IMG_7347 copy

Jenny’s Senior Infant Group

Skills of noticing, observation and curiosity, integrating senses before we even get to base camp!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second Class


Bat and Moth

IMG_7350 copy

Wild Tea

They chose to make a cocktail of nettle and ‘sticky weed’/cleaver tea.

Bug Hunt and Land Art Bugs

Jenny’s second class group

Forest Creatures Land Art



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