Week 7 – 3rd Class, Holy Family N.S – Self Portraits – Proportion and Colour


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We were continuing on with our explorations into Self Portraits -we began by going back to the mirrors – looking at shapes, size and proportion – measuring where our eyes are, ears, width of mouth, nose etc. Looking at features on the face and how they link up. So we did some blind drawings…..everyone found it really hard not to look and found their faces all mixed up when they looked at their drawings…some forgot to look at their faces in the mirrors while doing the drawing. So we tried this again, really looking at our faces in the mirror and trying to co-ordinate our hand to make the drawing! We focused in on the eye – getting the details of different parts of the eye and the shape – where the eyelids, eye lashes, pupil, iris are and connect.

We spent a bit of time then doing colour studies – using coloured pencils we did a tester piece on blending colours – working two colours together to get a gradation of one colour to another. Then looking really carefully and colour matching we made sheets of colour samples – holding them against our faces to check the colours. Some beautiful palettes created!


We also took some time to look at and discuss two self portraits – Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at what was around the figures, what we could tell about the person looking at their portrait and how artists do not always show themselves at their best!


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