Forest Friday

IMG_2373 copy 2Session 6

Senior Infants

Todays plant was the Ribwort Plantain. It is a healing herb so the children tried it on their nettle stings. The learned how to play a game of ‘Soldiers’.

Note book – I notice …

On our way up to our camp one child found a leaf with patterns on it. During free play she asked to draw it in our ‘I notice…..’

The children learned a new game ‘Eagle Eye’. The eagle is on and the mice all have to hide.

Yesterday they were told about today’s theme – Camouflage. They were very excited and wanted to be camouflaged and play eagle eye. This was our focus –

Animal and Bird Watching.

“The best way to see birds and animals is to hide. But you need to see out from your hide so you can see them but they can’t see you. You need to camouflage your head.

Have a look at the colours and shapes around you? How could you camouflage your head to be almost invisible?”

Ivy Crowns

The children were shown how to weave a circle with a long vine of ivy. They weaved other leaves and plants into the crown.

Contact Paper Mask.

The contact paper was cut to go around the children’s face with a ‘letter box’ space for the eyes. They collected plants before taking the paper apart and sticking them to the paper.

When we were all camouflaged we found some ferns, rocks and ivy to hide in while we watched and listened to the birds.IMG_2313 copy

Second Class

Finding ribwort plantain.

The class are very interested in finding plants, some that we have already focused on. They notice the changes over the weeks we have been here.

Today’s tea was nettle tea. The children found ways to gather nettles without getting stung. Anyone who got a sting didn’t mind as they wanted to try our ribwort leaves.

IMG_2330 copy

The sun came out on our way up to the base camp. They had fun making shadow animals.

During free play time I notice that some children have favourite places and keep returning to them. They are very good at close looking and find all sort of hidden animals.


Weaving leaves into ivy crowns


IMG_2368 copy

The children were so well camouflaged that a tree-creeper landed on two trees near them.


They stayed in their camouflage for their sit spot.


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