Forest Friday

Session 2

Senior Infants

We had to have a bit of a change today as due to staffing problems the senior infants couldn’t go to the forest. So, we brought the forest to the classroom. It was a lovely wet day and I had lovely rainy day ideas for the forest so I thought we could bring the rain into the classroom.

The Rain Storm.


The children were at their table groups, six children to each of the five tables. The ideas is that I start a sound using my body, table 1 copy me, table 2 copy table 1, table 3 copy table 2, and so on as the sound travels and changes around the classroom. I would keep changing the sounds and the storm builds up, and finally dies away.

We had to do a bit of a practice first so that each group would understand. I began with some movements until we all got used to passing the movement on to the next group. We then practiced some rain sounds together.

·         Rub hands together

·         Snap fingers

·         Clap hands

·         Slap thighs

·         Stomp feet

·         Slap thighs

·         Clap hands

·         Snap fingers

·         Rub hands

·         Hands on lap

We were ready.

I explained, very quietly, that last night the forest was still, some birds and animals were asleep and the nocturnal one were out hunting when –

I began to rub my hands together. The sound circled the room, as I changed the sound to the first plip, plop of rain drops and on to the sound of the rain getting heavier and heavier around the room until it began to gradually die away again.

We did this a few times and we got better and better. The rainstorm was in our classroom.

Charcoal Drawing

Before we captured our rainstorm in charcoal we took time to explore making marks with the charcoal. The children tried making very light marks by drawing very gently on the paper and dark heavy marks by leaning heavily on the piece of charcoal.They tried it on its side and twisted and turned it. Some said it looked 3d. They used their fingers to smudge it. Finally I gave them rubbers to draw into the charcoal.

When I felt they were comfortable using charcoal and rubbers I gave out new large sheets of paper.

I asked them to listen as I made a rain storm with my body. As I made each sound they could draw it.


When I finished making the sounds we looked at all the drawings of the rainstorm. I asked them to think of the rain falling in the forest. What would it fall on? Would the birds and animals find shelter? Where would they find shelter?

They continued their drawings using charcoal and rubbers.

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