Forest Friday

Session 2

Second Class

Today the children took turns to lead the way up to our base camp. Each leader took twenty steps and found something to share with the group. Our first stop was on a slope with very slippy mud. The children took turns going up and down practicing their balance.The next leader led everyone through a ‘tunnel’ in a holly tree.

I Notice…

Last week children kept bringing me things that they had noticed for me to photograph so this week I brought a little note book, a pencil and black marker  – the ‘I notice…’ book. I really liked that the children asked for the notebook rather than having me photograph what they noticed all the time.

We were just passing a lovely clump of wood sorrel. What about wild food tasting? They were very enthusiastic. We examined it very carefully. What shape are the leaves? What is the flower like? How does it feel? How does it smell?

Everyone liked the taste of the leaves. I reminded them to check with me before they eat any wild food.

When we reached our camp we gathered together to make our plans for the afternoon. We decided to collect pine needles and make tea first so that it would be brewed for lunch break.

After lunch break we gathered in a circle and we brought a rainstorm into the forest using our bodies. As I made a sound the child to my left copied the sound and continued with that sound until I changed. Each child had to watch and listen to the child on their right and start that sound and continue until it changed. We build up our sounds until we had a rain orchestra.

·         Rub hands together

·         Snap fingers

·         Clap hands

·         Slap thighs

·         Stomp feet

·         Slap thighs

·         Clap hands

·         Snap fingers

·         Rub hands

It sounded great after a few times, when everyone got used to paying attention and being ready for each change.

Hut Building

We needed to make a shelter to keep the rainstorm out. We stayed in our circle to come up with the plan. Where could we build our hut? What could we use to build the main structure?

Children came up with suggestions and then voted on the best place. Cleverly they chose an bent tree as the main spine. They went off to collect wood for the ribs.  The whole group worked really hard helping each other carry huge logs and branches.They got a good structure built.

As they were rolling one very large log they got more interested in the minibeasts they found. At this stage I think they had run out of physical energy so having found something else interesting they happily moved their energies and interests. So the hut didn’t become waterproof, but everyone was very happy with it.

Some children spent the rest of the session examining the minibeasts and some asked for the  ‘I Notice…’ book.


As usual the time went so quickly. This group are already planning their own sessions. They have requested magnifying glasses next week to be able to get a closer look at the minibeasts in the forest.

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